Here are some chess puzzles from the games of Alon Greenfeld.
White to move and win except where noted.

Solutions are between the brackets under each puzzle.
Drag your mouse from one bracket to the other.

Greenfeld vs Carlo D'Amore, Groningen, 1982
5k2/5n2/6p1/5N1p/3Q1P2/1qr4P/8/5RK1 w - - 0 1
[ Qg7+ Ke8 Re1+ Kd7 Re7+ Kc6 Nd4+ Kc5 Nxb3+ ]

Greenfeld vs Michael Rohde, Beer Sheva, 1987
2r5/3q2pk/2p3p1/p5P1/PbP1NP2/1Q6/6K1/1R6 w - - 0 1
[ c5 w/Rh1+ ]

Greenfeld vs Peter Leko, Pamplona, 1993
2rnk2r/p5pp/1pb1pb2/5pN1/8/B5P1/P3PPBP/2RR2K1 w - - 0 1
[ Rxd8+ if Bxd8 Rxc6 or if Kxd8 Nf7+ or if Rxd8 Bxc6+ ]

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