Here are some chess puzzles from the games of Hermann Von Gottschall.
White to move and win except where noted.

Solutions are between the brackets under each puzzle.
Drag your cursor from one bracket to the other.

Von Gottschall vs Carl Walbrodt, Kiel, 1893
r4r2/pp1b1kn1/n1p3qQ/3p1p2/3P4/3B1PN1/PPP3P1/2KRR3 w - - 0 1
[ Re7+ Kf6 Qh4+ Qg5 Qxg5+ Rxg7+ Kf6 (if Kf4 Kd2 mates) Rxd7 ]

Von Gottschall vs Manfried Jakob, Munich, 1900
6rk/1bp1qp1p/p4p1Q/1p1ppP2/3bP2P/2NP3R/PPPB2r1/1K1R4 w - - 0 1
[ Bg5 fxg5 hxg5 if f6 gxf6 Be3 Qh5 ]

Black to move and win. Ignacy Popiel vs Von Gottschall, Hannover, 1902
4r1k1/1p3ppp/2p5/8/3P1P2/Q1P1nR2/P5PP/4qBK1 b - - 0 1
[ ...Nc4 Qa7 Nd2 Rf2 Qe3 w/...Ne4 ]

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