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Here are some chess puzzles from the Queen's Pawn, Mason variation, Steinitz counter-gambit.

1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 c5

Solutions are between the brackets under each puzzle.
Drag your cursor from one bracket to the other.
The color disk on the diagram indicates who moves first.

James Mason vs Mikhail Chigorin, New York, 1889
1rb4r/pp2kppp/4p3/qBb5/8/2n2N2/PPPQ1PPP/R3K2R w KQ - 1 0
[ Qg5+ if f6 Qxc5+ Kf7 Be8+ or if Kd6 Qe5+ ]

Carlos Bastos vs Marty Power, corr., 1999
r2q1rk1/1b3ppp/p1p1p3/2bpN3/Q3nB2/1NP1P3/PP3PPP/R3K2R w KQ - 1 0
[ f3 if Qh4+ Bg3 ]

Rui Ferreira vs Valter Fatia, Aveiro, 2001
r6r/p2k1ppp/bp1Bp3/3pP3/1P3n2/q1P5/2Q2PPP/1R2KB1R w K - 1 0
[ b5 if Qa5 Bb4 ]

White mates in 3.
Jesus Nogueiras vs Goran Todorovic, Internet, 2005
1r3rk1/p4ppp/b1N1p3/3p2P1/3PnP2/1Pq5/P2N2P1/R2QK2R w KQ - 1 0
[ Ne7+ Kh8 Rxh7+ ]

Juan Garcia Martin vs Carlos Menendez Hernandez, San Sebastian de los Reyes, 2013
r2qkb1r/pp1bn2p/4pp2/3p2p1/3P4/2PB2B1/PP3PPP/RN1QK2R w KQkq - 1 0
[ Qh5+ ]

Cemil Can Ali Marandi vs Dmitry Gurevich, Saint Louis, 2018
1r2k2r/3b2pp/p2qpp2/3pN3/3P2P1/4K3/PPQ2PP1/2R4R w k - 1 0
[ Rxh7 if Rxh7 Qg6+ Kd8 Nf7+ ]

A Jutba vs Ton Ellenbroek, Deventer, 1998
r3kb1r/1p4pp/1pn2p2/1B1pp3/1P2n3/P1P1PNB1/R1b2PPP/1N3RK1 b kq - 0 1
[ ...Bxb1 Rxb1 Nxc3 ]

Cemil Can Ali Marandi vs Dmitry Gurevich

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